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Resistor color code lesson (PDF format) version 3.0  6 décembre 2011  726 KB  français anglais Lesson on the resistor color code in the PDF format (requires Adobe Reader): method to decrypt the color of the bands and values, examples, summary table, tips. Télécharger Electronic circuit diagrams symbols version 1.0  29 octobre 2001  3 KB  français anglais Pictures of electronic symbols to create electronic circuit schematics. Télécharger English Basis Quiz version 1.1c pour Windows XP, Vista, 7 et 8/8.1 (desktop)  3 juillet 2004  4.9 MB  français A quiz to test and learn the basis of the English language: 100 illustrated words to find and over 150 irregular verbs to translate and conjugate. Many options are available: limited time, choice of categories of questions, number of questions and so on. A Results Management tool is included to follow-up and monitor its own performance and progress during learning. Télécharger Word XP/2003 electronic schematics sample version 1.0  4 novembre 2001  62 KB  français anglais Sample of an electronic circuit schematic created with Microsoft Word XP and 2003. Télécharger electronic schematic sample version 1.0  18 juillet 2003  16 KB  français anglais Sample of an electronic circuit schematic created with Télécharger Atlence Click'n Study Help HTML files version 1.48  20 décembre 2004  680 KB  français All the files of the help in HTML format. Télécharger Atlence Resistor Viewer version 3.3 pour Windows XP, Vista, 7 et 8/8.1 (desktop)  7 juillet 2013  7.4 MB  français anglais Atlence Resistor Viewer allows electronics engineers to get the value and characteristics of a resistor from its color bands and vice versa. It displayed the nearest standard values from series and many features are available such as creating picture of resistors to be used in your documents, copying the value of the resistor to the Clipboard. It can also be used to learn the resistor color code with the lesson and quiz included. Télécharger Question-Rponses Tutorial version 1.48  24 novembre 2004  960 KB  français Information on the download of Questions-Rponses, installation, first steps, the Results Management tool and the use and settings of quizzes to work together on a network. Télécharger Atlence Click'n Study version 1.6.1 pour Windows XP, Vista, 7 et 8/8.1 (desktop)  27 mars 2013  5,5 MB  français Quickly create quizzes and original multimedia games as stand-alone executable files, Web pages or on paper (with or without correction), without any programming. It includes a Results Management tool to follow-up the progress made by each student. Télécharger EuroFranc version 4.0 pour Windows XP, Vista, 7 et 8/8.1 (desktop)  4 mars 2005  4.7 MB  français Multi-currency converter with updated rates on the Internet, calculator, change indicator, professional labels creator, tax calculator and so on. Télécharger