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IT definitions and acronyms by Gabriel Jean-Marc  14 January 2016  479 KB  French About 60 questions related to acronyms and words used in information technology. Computer science will no longer be a mystery to you! Download Atlence FileTime Manager version 3.2 for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (desktop)  15 March 2015  4.5 MB  French English Spanish Change the timestamp of files and folders on your computer by a simple click or by automation. The application can also monitor any change in date/time of your files and folders and notify you or perform a specific action like launching a program. Thanks to its integration with Windows Explorer, it is possible to rename files and folders by adding a date/time at the end to manager your backup for example. Download Celebrities in the IT World by Gabriel Jean-Marc  23 February 2015  1.5 MB  French Celebrities in the IT World Download Internet in English by Gabriel Jean-Marc  18 February 2015  205 KB  French Hundreds of questions about vocabulary (including Internet), verbs to conjugate, irregular verbs,... Download Programming language by Gabriel Jean-Marc  11 February 2015  200 KB  French Find the programming language according to its definition, history, ... Download Ancient history dates   6 January 2015  20 KB  French Ancient history dates Download Atlence FileTime Manager version 1.4 for Android  14 January 2014  425 KB  French English Quickly and easily change the timestamp of files on your smartphone. Download Atlence Resistor Viewer version 3.3 for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (desktop)  7 July 2013  7.4 MB  French English Atlence Resistor Viewer allows electronics engineers to get the value and characteristics of a resistor from its color bands and vice versa. It displayed the nearest standard values from series and many features are available such as creating picture of resistors to be used in your documents, copying the value of the resistor to the Clipboard. It can also be used to learn the resistor color code with the lesson and quiz included. Download Atlence Click'n Study version 1.6.1 for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (desktop)  27 March 2013  5,5 MB  French Quickly create quizzes and original multimedia games as stand-alone executable files, Web pages or on paper (with or without correction), without any programming. It includes a Results Management tool to follow-up the progress made by each student. Download Atlence Resistor Viewer version 1.0 for Windows 8  7 January 2013  275 KB  French English Display the value of resistors based on their color bands (6 bands) and vice versa; get the standard values; perform calculations of power, intensity and voltage. Download