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Quiz réalisé avec Click'n Study  14 January 2016  479 KB  français IT definitions and acronyms by Gabriel Jean-Marc Atlence FileTime Manager  15 March 2015  4.5 MB  français English Atlence FileTime Manager version 3.2 for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (desktop) Quiz réalisé avec Click'n Study  23 February 2015  1.5 MB  français Celebrities in the IT World by Gabriel Jean-Marc Quiz réalisé avec Click'n Study  18 February 2015  205 KB  français Internet in English by Gabriel Jean-Marc Quiz réalisé avec Click'n Study  11 February 2015  200 KB  français Programming language by Gabriel Jean-Marc

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Atlence Resistor Viewer  6 December 2011  726 KB  français English Resistor color code lesson (PDF format) version 3.0 Atlence Resistor Viewer  29 October 2001  3 KB  français English Electronic circuit diagrams symbols version 1.0 Atlence Click'n Study  3 July 2004  4.9 MB  français English Basis Quiz version 1.1c for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8/8.1 (desktop) Atlence Resistor Viewer  4 November 2001  62 KB  français English Word XP/2003 electronic schematics sample version 1.0 Atlence Resistor Viewer  18 July 2003  16 KB  français English OpenOffice.org electronic schematic sample version 1.0

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