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Converter, tax calculation, calculator, change indicator, quiz on the euro.

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4 March 2005 - EuroFranc 4.0 final version released

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10 November 2004 - New beta version of EuroFranc 4.0

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4 November 2004 - First beta version of EuroFranc 4.0

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  • Calculate taxes such as the VAT amount.
  • Use the calculator to perform calculations and then convert the result.
  • Get the amount of change to be given and display the corresponding euro coins and banknotes.
  • Get the converted amount as soon as you type the amount in the currency you want to convert, which complies with the European standards (council regulation No 1103/97 of 17 June 1997).
  • Use the preset rate and currency of the 25 countries members of the European Union.
  • Automatically update rates from the Internet.
  • Create professional price tags by simple clicks.
  • Copy the result of the conversions into the clipboard.
  • Get used to euro through the help topics and the quiz provided with the software.

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