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Users of Atlence Click'n Study have created and shared their creations! Discover their quizzes and tests: practice and test your knowledge on various fields such as football, French, mathematics, and so on.

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Top of the week

  1. My first 100 words in English (text only)
    Downloaded 7 times
  2. Power of 10
    Downloaded 6 times
  3. M.C.Q. general knowledge
    Downloaded 6 times
  4. Capitals of Europe
    Downloaded 6 times
  5. Percentages
    Downloaded 5 times
  6. Literature
    Downloaded 5 times
  7. Los alimentos
    Downloaded 5 times
  8. Angles of a triangle
    Downloaded 5 times
  9. Common characteristis of teeth
    Downloaded 5 times
  10. Discover the human body and how it works
    Downloaded 5 times

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Top downloads

  1. M.C.Q. general knowledge
    Downloaded 52020 times
  2. Computer science exan level 1
    Downloaded 23997 times
  3. 10 questions on computer science
    Downloaded 13938 times
  4. Capitals of the World Quiz
    Downloaded 12960 times
  5. Computer science quiz for junior secondary school
    Downloaded 12128 times
  6. English irregular verbs
    Downloaded 11251 times
  7. Highway code
    Downloaded 10805 times
  8. Anatomy - Generality
    Downloaded 9502 times
  9. The Second World War (WWII) Timeline
    Downloaded 9462 times
  10. Internet quiz for junior secondary school
    Downloaded 9177 times

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