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Weapons of Knights by snoopytop54000 on 18/11/2011

Test your knowledge on the weapons used by knights. Good luck!
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The Second World War (WWII) Timeline

Around forty dates about the sequence of the major events of the World War 2.
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Greek Gods by Jrme SCHERTZER on 18/01/2002

Names and roles of Greek gods and their portrait.
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French presidents by Thomas, Mathieu DUBAELE on 16/09/2001

Learn and find the name of the French presidents since the French Third Republic.
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Historical figures by Thomas, Mathieu DUBAELE on 11/08/2001

Find and learn the name and role of several famous people.
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Ancient history dates

Ancient history dates
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Chronological landmarks by Jrme SCHERTZER on 09/12/2001

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