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A like... by Jérôme SCHERTZER on 16/07/2002

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Football: UEFA Champions League by Jérôme SCHERTZER on 15/07/2002

Find the clubs who won the Champions League from 1958 to 2002.
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Capitals of the World Quiz by Jérôme SCHERTZER on 19/03/2002

Find capitals over 180 countries by continent.
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Greek Gods by Jérôme SCHERTZER on 18/01/2002

Names and roles of Greek gods and their portrait.
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German regions (Länder) by Jérôme SCHERTZER on 04/01/2002

Questions on capitals, area and population of the German regions (Länder).
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Film scores by Jérôme SCHERTZER on 16/07/2002

Match movies with their respective background music.
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Animal performance by Jérôme SCHERTZER on 12/01/2002

Animal in figures: find their weight, the weight of their eggss, the length of their jumps.
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Chronological landmarks by Jérôme SCHERTZER on 09/12/2001

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German vocabulary by Jérôme SCHERTZER on 30/10/2002

Translate fifty words into German, classified by adjectives, verbs and nouns.
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