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Applications of chemistry by Rene LAMY on 17/11/2002

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Energy by Archo-Techno Multimdia on 17/11/2002

General questions about energy: unit, appliances, sources and so on.
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Around twenty questions on the ambient air (composition, compression, reactions and so on).
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Quiz on combustions in chemistry.
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Planets of the solar system by Christophe DESOMER on 07/01/2002

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Weight and mass

Quiz to revise the famous formula P = mg (relationship between weight and mass).
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Mendeleev's Periodic Table by Christophe DESOMER on 01/01/2002

Symbols and names of the 109 elements in chemistry.
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Resistor values 3.0 by Thomas, Mathieu DUBAELE on 29/12/2011

Test your knowledge on the electronic color code for 4 and 5 band resistor.
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