EuroFranc product details and minimum system requirement 
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EuroFranc product details

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Overview of EuroFranc

A simple and intuitive interface

The user interface of EuroFranc is simple, user-friendly and looks pretty. User interface of EuroFranc
Many parameters can be customizedto adapt the program to your needs. These settings can be changed by using a wizard that will guide you to make the program more user-friendly. Customization of EuroFranc
In addition to tutorials, an online help will let you learn how to use the program. EuroFranc online help
The window transparency can be adjusted in order to have the software constantly at hand. Transparency windows


The conversion is done as soon as you type an amount with a display that uses cents. You can use up to two simultaneous conversions. Conversions in EuroFranc
The program includes the currencies of the 25 member countries of the European Union: abbreviations for each currency, rates (which can be automatically updated on the Internet, anytime or at the program startup), official taxes, and so on. It also supports dollar, yen and other currencies that can be easily customized.. Integration of currencies of the member countries of the EU
Conversions are in compliance with the standards defined by the European Union, particularly when converting two currencies of member countries of the EU (council regulation No 1103/97 of 17 June 1997).

The number of digits after the decimal point can be changed.

The currency conversions can be copied to the Windows® clipboard to be pasted to any Windows application,, copied into a text file or printed.

Many tools to help you convert currencies: change indicator, calculator, taxes calculator, display of coins and banknotes The different tools of EuroFranc
A calculator can be displayed to help you convert currency and calculate taxes. Calculator
The Change Calculator tool will help you give the change back by displaying the exact amount of money that is due when you buy something and do not give the exact amount or pay with another currency. The corresponding banknotes and coins can also be displayed.
Once a conversion is done, you can display the corresponding coins and banknotes in euro with a simple click.  
The program allows you to calculate the amount of VAT and other taxes.  

Create professional price tags

Once the conversion is done, it is easy to create professional price tags in few clicks!
The converted currency is automatically put in evidence compared with the initial currency according to the conversion.
Examples of price tags:

Example of a price tag created with EuroFranc Example of a price tag created with EuroFranc

Knowledge on Euro

The help file provided with the software contains topics that let you discover the euro: its history, its symbols, and so on. EuroFranc help and support
A quiz is also provided with the software to test your knowledge on the euro: conversions, history of the euro, and so on. Quiz on the Euro currency

Discover the program in video and screenshots

Different tools available in EuroFranc Conversions tool in EuroFranc Rate of 25 member countries predefined Change calculator tool Create professional price tags Calculator Options available for EuroFranc Quiz on the Euro currency Help and Support for EuroFranc

Minimal system requirements

Major new features in version 4.0

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