Download and use the personal licenses 
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Download and use personal licenses


How to download a personal license?

From the page 'Personal licenses', click on the 'Download license' button for the software you want. You get a file like 'licence_xx.lic' that you should save.

How to install a personal license?

Automatic mode

  1. From the "About" dialog box, click on the 'Change the license' button to show the 'Change license' dialog box


  2. If you do not have access to the 'About' dialog box because of the license has expired, click on the 'Activate' button


  3. Click on the 'Browse...' button and select the license file you have downloaded and then click on the 'Change the license' button


  4. If you get the following message, this means that the license change has been successful. Close the program and restart it.


  5. If you get the following message, you cannot use the 'automatic mode'. Please read the 'manual mode' information below and fellow the instructions.


  6. If you get the following message, your license file is no longer valid. Download it and try again. If the problem persists, contact us.


Manual mode

The license file 'licence_xx.lic" you downloaded must be copied to the directory in which you installed the software. By default:

  • Atlence Click'n Study : C:\Program Files\Atlence Click'n Study
  • Atlence Resistor Viewer : C:\Program Files\Atlence Resistor Viewer
  • Atlence Filetime Manager : C:\Program Files\Atlence FileTime Manager
  • License

    How can I donate to the authors?

    Please contact us to make a donation that will help the authors: Donate to support us!.

    What other types of licenses?

    Depending on how you use the softwares, several types of licenses are available. Please read the Licenses page: License.


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