Using the Windows Explorer to quickly generate and export your quizzes 
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Use the Windows Explorer to generate a quiz in one click



In the Windows Explorer, when you right-click on a file created with Atlence Click'n Study a context menu is displayed and lets you create Web pages, compile the quiz into a single executable file or print the quiz.


  1. Open the Windows Explorer
    • On Windows® 8
      Press simultaneously the Windows key and the C key. The charms bar appears at the right side of the screen. Type explorer and then click File Explorer in the search result.
    • On Windows® 7 and Windows Vista™
      Start menu / Computer
    • On Windows® XP
      Start menu / All Programs / Accessories / Windows Explorer.
  2. Select a quiz file created with Atlence Click'n Study (it has a QRF extension and its description is Click'n Study quiz.
  3. Right-click on this file to display the popup menu.
  4. Then select the desired command: Print the quiz (Créer un questionnaire papier), Create an executable file (Créer un fichier exécutable, Create a Web quiz (Créer un questionnaire Web), Launch the exam (Lancer un examen).

    Integration of Atlence Click'n Study with Windows Explorer

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