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Solids by SD maths on 18/11/2011

Be familiar with vocabulary (base, lateral side, top, and so on), be able to associate a pattern to its solid, give the exact name of a pyramid (from its base), and so on.
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Angles - Vocabulary by SD maths on 18/11/2011

Identify additional adjacent angles, complementary, vertically opposite and so on.
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Fractions - Equality and comparison by SD maths on 18/11/2011

Determine a fraction from simple diagrams. Determine equality of fractions(3 levels: Beginner / Medium / Expert). Test the methods for comparing fractions (2 levels: Beginner / Expert). Simplify fractions (2 levels: Beginner / Expert).
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Angles of a triangle by SD maths on 18/11/2011

Calculate angles of different types of triangle (isosceles,...).
Determine if it is a triangle and if so its type from figures or wording.
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Basic mathematical formulas by SD maths on 18/11/2011

Summary of the most important formulas for junior high school students.
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