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Actors and dates of birth by Newsdreams on 05/03/2002

Find the date of birth of a hundred international actors.
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CinecinyQuizz by Newsdreams on 16/02/2002

Find the name of a hundred film directors.
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Dates and classical composers by Newsdreams on 18/02/2002

Find the glorious time of more than 40 classical composers.
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Spanish: animals by Newsdreams on 06/03/2002

Translation of names of animals into Spanish.
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EspaaQuizz by Newsdreams on 17/02/2002

Learn your first 100 words of Spanish.
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FootyQuizz by Newsdreams on 15/02/2002

Find nationality of 52 football players.
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French license number by Newsdreams on 17/02/2002

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Jobs in Spain by Newsdreams on 05/03/2002

Translation into Spanish of more than 160 jobs.
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Who sings what by Newsdreams on 26/02/2002

Find the singer from nearly 300 songs!
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SynonymsQuizz by Newsdreams on 26/02/2002

Find synonyms for more than 100 words.
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All about F1 racing by Newsdreams on 06/03/2002

Match the country with the name of the Formula 1 circuit.
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All about F1 racing II by Newsdreams on 06/03/2002

Find where some Formula 1 drivers compete.
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All about F1 racing III by Newsdreams on 08/03/2002

Find the length of a several Formula 1 circuits.
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